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Finish Line February 9, 2012

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...it's the snail to the finish

Finish Line

Dear Lord, help me to see the end

And not focus on the journey

To set my mark on the prize

And not the obstacles before me

To never murmur or complain

About the lot I have to bear

Or the apparent lack of answers

To my constant, fervent prayers

Through mountains of disappointment

Or circumstances that annoy

May I be reminded always

That in You there’s peace and joy

When faced with disappointment

Let me never moan and groan

Knowing that a little inconvenience

Is but a stepping stone

Help me to always remember

That the blessing is behind

You ran the race before me

And passed the finish line

© By Wonda Elizabeth

Image by Tim Norris


Autumn Days November 7, 2011

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Autumn Days – a video presentation

A poem celebrating the joys of Autumn!

I don't like Autumn

Autumn Days

I love winter’s chilly blow
Seeing footprints in the snow
Each blade of grass revealing spring
Summer’s sun warms everything

But what I love best of all
Are the reds and browns that tell of fall
Some green remains and that’s find too
Nothing diminishes that golden hue

Hay rides now, with friends in tow
Autumn’s blush on faces glow
Brilliant Maples now will be
A yellow-orange canopy

Cool breezes rustle the fallen leaves
As squirrels hide secrets in the trees
All make ready, for winter is near
Then these bright colors will disappear

God who changes the times and seasons
Has given us so many reasons
To marvel and to make us smile
And with Him come and rest a while

Cause now its harvest time again
Summer’s work has found its end
Time to reap what was sown
And thank the Lord who keeps His own

© by Wonda Elizabeth Perry

Image by Pyza